Digital Led Volt Meterr Ammeter Amp Volt Meterr Current Shunt Dc200V 100A

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Specification: Material: ABS, Aluminum Cable Length: Approx.17.5cm (Yellow,Black,Red) Approx.19.5cm (Black, Red) Working voltage: 4-30V DC Working current:<10mA LED Display Color: Red & Blue Measuring range: DC 0-200V 0-100A (more than 10A need shunt ) Measure accuracy: 1% ( 1 digit) Operating temperature: -10 to 65 c Working pressure: 80 to 106 kPa Features: High quality, easy to use, have LED display Has reverse polarity protection Access the circuit and draw digital ammeter head before using shunt, to prevent pressure damage to the meter

Package Includes 1 x Volt Meter 1 x Current Shunt