Renaissance Medieval Pirate Roberto Cofresi Shirt

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Roberto Cofresi, also known as El Pirata Cofresi, was the most renowned pirate in Puerto Rico

A number of poems, songs, films and books have been composed on him

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His personality matches a lot with Robin Hood, and he would believe in the theory of quot loot from the rich, and give to the poor quot

Interestingly, a complete town of Cofresi in Dominic Republic was named after him near Puerto Plata.Here, the wearers can find a superb quality pirate shirt named after Cofresi that gives the feel of that legendary freebooter

It also comprises of eyelets and drawstring in front, which is why it is easy to wear

It has a lacy frill in front amp on cuffs that gives it a pirate look

The shirt is machine washable.Fabric Rayon ViscoseFabric Care Machine Washable Plus Size Also Available

The shirt is made up of thick and rich rayon viscose fabric

The shirt provides the confluence of pirate and renaissance styles