Harry Potter Hufflepuff Socks

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Sock It To MeWitches and wizards attending Hogwarts can do lots of things that we Muggles cannot

Even though they seem to have it all, wizarding folk can't get away with not wearing socks

Featuring the infamous badger House crest and a preppy argyle print showcasing the traditional House colors, these knee-high socks are great to put on full display by pairing them with a skirt or shorts.Hufflepuff GuiseYou don't have to stop at just socks, you can have the complete Hufflepuff look by picking up the matching skirt, tie, and scarf

If you're looking to nbsp case your tootsies in the same socks worn by some of the most esteemed wizards and witches at Hogwarts, then these Hufflepuff socks are perfect for you

It turns out there isn't a spell to eliminate stinky feet so wearing socks is essential for everyone, wand-wielding or not

It's like you're becoming a magical being one foot at a time, sort of. nbsp nbsp nbsp Product DetailsThese officially licensed Harry Potter socks are perfect for devoted fans of the Hufflepuff House

They flick bludgeons around with the tail end of their broom, they dispel shape-shifting Boggarts with a flick of a wand and transport from the Muggle world into the Wizarding world by throwing a handful of magical dust into the air

You may not possess magical powers but others will think that you do based on your spellbound ensemble. nbsp nbsp nbsp